5 Quintessential reference instruments for your calibration lab

Fluke 709/709H Precision Current Loop Calibrator

The Fluke 709H comes with hart communication and supports a wide set of hart commands. The calibrator is compact and powerful with built-in data logging function.

Document the parameters in your lab: Using tracking software that comes along with the device you could capture and document the parameters from the transmitters in standard file formats such as .csv, .txt, etc. This data could be later transferred to calibration software viz Metquayfor further analysis and reporting.

Troubleshooting: While in the communicator mode the user can read device information and perform diagnostics on most hart enabled transmitters. The capture interval could be adjusted between 1 to 60 seconds and the number of records supported could go up to a maximum of 9800 records.

User Friendliness: The most ergonomically designed rotary knob in Fluke 709H saves you time switching between various parameters.

Resolution: 1 µA on mA ranges and 1 mV on voltage ranges

image source flukecal.com

Ametek PK II Deadweight Tester

The Ametek PKII deadweight tester is a primary standard which generates pressure output for a given input of force. The PKII is a floating ball type deadweight tester designed to improve performance and safety. The self-regulating design eliminates the need to adjust input pressure.

Floating Ball: The floating ball design eliminates the need to rotate the weights during testing and gives the technician the flexibility to fully focus on the calibration procedure.

Self-Regulating: The built-in flow regulator in PKII compensates for the variations in pressure from the air supply. This saves the trouble of continuously adjusting the air pressure during the testing process.

Nitrogen-based test fluid: The non-contaminating nature of test fluid complies with the ISA standards S7.3. This saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to clean the test instrument after calibration.

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Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator

If you are looking for a powerful multifunction process calibrator, Fluke 725 fits the bill. The 725s can be used as the source and measure instrument for mA, volts, temperature( RTDs and thermocouples), frequency and ohms. If you want to add pressure all you need to do is to use the optional pressure modules.

The portable form factor makes it a field calibrator of choice for calibration technicians across the globe.

Some of the highlight features include :

  • Powers transmitters during test using loop supply with simultaneous mA measurement
  • Handles fast pulsed RTD transmitters and PLCs, with pulses as short as 10 ms
  • Provides a backlit display to provide better visibility in poor light
  • Features a small, streamlined shape, and rugged, reliable design that stands up to field use
  • Sources mA with simultaneous pressure measurement to conduct valve and I/P tests
  • Supports flow meter testing with frequency and CPM functions
  • Performs fast linearity tests with auto-step and auto-ramp features
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Keysight 53200A Series RF/Universal Frequency Counter/Timers

If you are looking for a reference instrument for fast, reliable and accurate frequency and time interval measurements check out the Keysight 53200A series of Frequency counters and timers.

All the available models offer up to 12 digits per second frequency resolution on a one-second date. All models ships with built-in analysis and graphing capabilities to give you better insights into the measurement parameters.

Great Bandwidth: 350 MHz baseband frequency with 6 or 15GHz optional microwave channels.

Excellent resolution and speed: 12 digits per second and up to 75,000 and 90,000 readings per second for frequency and time interval.

Improved Measurement Capability on 53230A: Continuous and gap-free measurements, allows modulation domain analysis(MDA), Pulse/burst microwave measurement.

Image source keysight.com

Three available models offer resolution capabilities up to 12 digits/sec frequency resolution on a one-second gate. Single-shot time interval measurements can be resolved down to 20 psec. All models offer new built-in analysis and graphing capabilities to maximize the insight and information you receive.

Fluke 5522A multifunction calibrator

Last on the list but certainly, the quintessential calibrator for all labs which conduct calibration on parameters such as resistance,voltage,AC/DC current, capacitance, inductance etc is the Fluke 5522A multifunction calibrator.

The Fluke 5522A can be also used to measure thermocouple temperature and pressure by combining it with Fluke 700 series pressure modules. The 5520A-PQ power quality option enables the 5522A to calibrate power quality instrumentation to the standards for the IEC.

If you are setting up a new lab, Fluke 5522A gives you the essential electronic test tools to get you up and running viz

  1. Handheld and bench meters ( analogue and digital) up to 6 and a half digits
  2. Current clamps and clamp meters
  3. Thermocouples and RTDs
  4. Process Calibrators
  5. Data Loggers
  6. Strip and Chart Recorders
  7. Watt Meters
  8. Graphical Multimeters

And many more…

image source flukecal.com

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